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The Greater Cleveland
Stage & Screen
Authors Association
is currently in hiatus.
We are currently in 
search of another 
meeting location as 
well as a more 
convenient time/date
for our members.
This website will 
remain up and running 
to help assist you 
in your goals.
If you live in the
Cleveland area and 
are interested in 
helping with the 
organization of the 
group, please e-mail
me at the address
to the right.
Keep posted to this site 
for further dramatic 
(uh, no pun intended)
changes which will include:
Separate sections for 
screenwriters and 
Deadlines section to 
upcoming contests and 
A more organized links
section that will help 
you search for the 
link that's right for 
you faster.
And more...

Look for Voice Chat soon. Message bases are near completion. A few will be restricted to members only. If you are not yet a member, please contact me via E-mail. Membership is currently free. Take advantage of becoming a member today. (Did that just sound like PBS or what?) Keep writing.

Welcome to the homepage of The Greater Cleveland Stage & Screen Authors Association!!!

We are a writers group dedicated to playwrighting as well as screenwriting. If you'd like to become a member, please e-mail us at the address below. Membership is currently free. This site is currently under construction. You can still visit us while we build, but we recommend that you come back often to see what's changed. Once again, any questions, recommendations of cool playwrighting/screenwriting websites, or just info you'd like to share please e-mail us.

c/o John Pusztay
The Greater Cleveland Stage & Screen Authors Assoc
1192 Ethel Avenue
Lakewood, Ohio 44107-1238

Get Professional Help
The General Message Base. Having structure, dialogue, software problems? Post for help here.

A Dark Lonely Place
Writer's Block. We've all been there. What are your nightmares and remedies?

Rejection Connection
Rejections: We all get 'em. Tell us about your experiences. Also share information on studio's submission policies.

Post A Pitch
Briefly state a pitch and include your e-mail address.

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Cafe Celluloid
Welcome to the Screenwriter's Lair. Trade tricks of the trade, war stories, information, or simply veg.

Cafe Curtain Call
Welcome to the Playwright's Den. Tell tales of conquest, trade opening night horror stories, bash your favorite critic, or simply veg.

Battle Scars of Writer's Block
Welcome to Group Therapy. A place to vent live online with your peers.

Cut to:

In Hollywood
If you've ever wondered what movies are being made, who's attached to the project, how much it was sold for, etc., this is the site for you. There's a two week free trial for this site.
Writers Guild of America
Contains the WGA's own zine 'Written By' , links to WGA members like Steve Oedekerk, and much, much more!!!
Showbiz Jobs
I think this one's self explanitory.
Lone Eagle Books
Many great titles to choose from such as Film Writers Guide, Film Budgeting, Film Scheduling, Writing Short Films, etc. Just click on the title and it gives you a short description with a sample page
Pacific Coast Studio Directory
This site offers many helpful names and numbers in the industry such as Agents, Unions, Distributors, Television Stations, etc.
Website for slamdance. Check it out!! You can even get your application for the screenwriting contest here. Save $$$ on SASE.
Nicholl Fellowships In Screenwriting
The application for the Nicholl Fellowships!!!
How to Format Your Screenplay Like a Pro
We discovered this homepage while surfing the net. Robert Gregory-Browne offers great info for those using older books as guides to formatting.
On-line site for indi zine.
The Hollywood Reporter
On-line site for indi zine.
Indi zine for those of you interested in producing your own movie.
The Writers' Computer Store
Online catalog for all the latest formatting programs.
The Chesterfield Film Company
Writer's Film Project information and application.
Hollywood Creative Directory
This site contains information on books, links, etc.
Hollywood Web
Check it out!!! Another industry job board is part of this interesting site.
Drew's Script-O-Rama
This site has hundreds of scripts available on-line to some of your favorite movies and television shows.
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
THE website of the Academy. Includes information on the selection process for the Oscars, in depth info on the Nicholl Fellowships (above is just the application), etc.
Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
ATAS website. Contains info on it's Television Scriptwriting Internships.
The Foundation Center
Although geared toward non-profit orgs. qualifying for public charity status under sec. 501(c)(3) code of the IRS, there is info for grants to individuals. Take your time to find what you need.
Cinema Sites
Lots of info from movie reviews to guilds to festivals to production info. Get the idea?
Internet Screenwriters Network
Screenplays, synopses, chat lounges. You are not alone!!!
Playwrights Cafe
Check out the Cyber Cafe!!!!
List of Agents & Playwrights
This one's self-explanitory.
New Dramatists Call Board
Theatres looking for new works.
The Playwriting Seminars
Quotes on Craft from more than 250 playwrights, screenwriters, and other pros in the biz.
Broadway Play Publishing Inc.
Lists various book resources for the playwright.
Association of Authors' Representatives, Inc.
Don't have an agent yet? Start looking here!!
CUE Magazine
Another indi zine.
Sitcom Format 101
Just what the title says with examples of acceptable formats for your favorite shows.
Directors Guild of America
Check out their zine. Also lots of great links.
Fade In:
Indi magazine for writers.
Get that script sold (with some help)!!!
The 22nd Annual Cleveland International Film Festival
Great fest!!! If you're planning a trip to Cleveland, come check it out.
Playhouse Square
Visit Cleveland's theatre district for the latest events.
The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame + Museum
Check out the site before making plans to visit. Just blocks away from Playhouse Square (above).
Ohio Ballet
What's Ohio Ballet got in store for performances? Don't know? Check it out.
The Filmmakers Foundation
Non-profit org that operates as a networking structure connecting people, programs, info and resources to help next generation of filmmakers launch & sustain careers in the industry.
American Film Institute
Includes such items as directing workshop for women, exhibitions, access to the Louis B. Mayer Library, and more!!!
Cine Media
Tons of links to the industry. Although there are no descriptions of the sites they have linked, it is well worth your time to browse through this marvelous website.
The Nantucket Film Festival
Lotsa great stuff including their annual screenwriting competition can be found here. If you plan to visit Nantucket, it is highly recommended you visit this site for info.
The King Arthur Screenwriters Award
Find out about Kingman Films' screenwriting competition here.
The Columbus Screenplay Discovery Award
Click here to learn more about this award. Applications are accepted monthly!!! A final deadline for awards is December 1st.
The Hollywood Network
Great site including info on the Columbus Screenplay Discovery Award mentioned above.
Writers' Digest
Finally!! You can get the WD online!!!!!
Selling To Hollywood Screenwriters Conference
Hurry up!! This Conference takes place August 7th through the 9th at Glendale, CA. Register today!!!!!
Find out more about this screenplay competition here.
THE magazine for the theatre minded is now on-line.
Ink Spot
You never know what useful info a screenwriter or playwright will find here. Includes a classified section.
October 24th 1998 Stephen J. Cannell Online Writing Seminar
Stephen J. Cannell & Writers WriteTM have joined forces to present the Stepen J. Cannell Online Writing Seminar, live Oct. 24th. Don't miss out. Visit the site today for more info!!!
Writers Write
Visit the site of, the Internet's largest website for writers and the creator/publisher of the Internet Writing JournalTM.
Stephen J. Cannell
Visit the site of this Emmy award-winning producer/creator of over 35 television shows including The Rockford Files, The A-Team, The Commish, and Wiseguy.
Organization of Black Screenwriters
OBS is a professional service and support organization for black writers founded in 1988. Our members are television and feature writers who are actively working as writers or pursuing writing career
Focal Press
Tons of industry related books to choose from that you might not find at the book store. Topics include Directing, Special Effects, Editing, Lighting, Film Production, as well as Screenwriting and Playwrighting.